Music Projects

In 2004I set up a home studio, which I've been gradually adding to over the years. Here are some of the tunes I've been involved in since then. In most cases, I play the instruments and engineer/mix the tracks. All the recordings are licensed under the Creative Commons License [by-nc-nd].

Super Long Biscuits

Through my last band, I met Rik, who writes songs with a few friends and was looking to record them. This turned out to be a dream set-up, as I don't sing or write many tunes. I wanted to play instruments for songs and produce some tracks, and Rik wanted to record his songs, so we got to work.

You can find our website at:

Solo Stuff

Necessario Del Formaggio

Also known as 'The 1991 House Cheese Project', this tune was written to sound authentically 1991 or thereabouts. I had been reminiscing about the good old days of dance music with a musician friend and I decided it would be great to make a dance track from that period. All that Italian-influenced house music. The 909 drum kit; the fat analogue bass line; the tinkly pianos; the single note of strings sitting atop the mix. I had a great piano line written since the early 90's that I'd never done anything with, but I lacked the vocals. The Internet is a wondrous thing, and a quick web search and I found a collection of huge vocals. So in June 2004, I sat down to write a tune for a genre of music that was already nearly 15 years out of date! I'm quite happy with how it turned out.

Voodoo Auntie

Voodoo Auntie is a Hendrix-inspired track written by Tristan Greaves. He invited me to supply some keyboard parts for it, and this is the finished article. I arranged and played the keyboard parts and was a sounding board for the mixing. What's perhaps most remarkable about this track is that we never got together to record it - it was entirely an Internet-based collaboration.

My Bands... And Other Stuff

I've played in a few bands over the years, mostly playing cover versions of rock and pop songs. As I'm not actually with any of the bands any longer, and because the songs were covers of commercial tracks, I haven't put any band recordings or demos on the website.

Something else you may see floating around on the web is some remixes of 'Hats For Clowns', a tune from the Weebl & Bob cartoon. Weebl held a remix competition, and I won with Altogether Clown and had 15 miliseconds of internet fame. I've not put it here because it contained a pretty hefty sample of Altogether Now by The Farm, which is a commercial track, so you'll have to go looking if you want it! ©2011 Chris Thomas. Contact by sending email to 'www' at this domain address. Some rights reserved. All content licenced under the Creative Commons (BY-ND) unless stated. This website was tested on animals, but they couldn't read it.