This is a Javascript version of a small cricket dice game called Owzthat. It's just something I knocked up on a slow evening, which I revised more recently. Please feel free to email me with comments, suggestions and fixes. If you experience problems, try the old version of Owzthat.

You're batting. Click 'Bowl' to make the computer bowl balls to you. Click 'Reset Game' to reset the game.

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The Rules

  1. The number of players can be one or more on each team, but each team should have the same number of players.
  2. The team to bat first is decided in the usual way by the spin of a coin or by mutual arrangement.
  3. The batsman's dice has six surfaces marked '1', '4', '3', '2', '6' and 'OWZTHAT' respectively.
  4. The bowler's dice also has six surfaces, but the inscriptions on these are 'BOWLED', 'CAUGHT', 'NOT OUT', 'STUMPED', 'L.B.W.', 'NO BALL'.
  5. The batsman rolls his dice first and, if a number turns up, he places that number of runs to his score; he then rolls the dice again and if a number again turns up this is added to his score; he continues to roll the dice in this way until 'OWZTHAT' turns up.
  6. The bowler now rolls his dice; if 'BOWLED', 'CAUGHT', 'STUMPED' or 'L.B.W.' are turned up the batsman's innings is finished, and the next on the batting team takes the dice.  If, however, 'NOT OUT' or 'NO BALL' turns up, the batsman proceeds with his innings as before, adding one to his score in the event of a 'NO BALL' turning up.
  7. The winning team is the one which scores the most runs.
  8. The counters can be used to record the number of bowles in an over or the bastmen out.

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